"Jesus in Salome's Lot" by Brett W Gillette

"Most of us are familiar with the Bible. But how many of us have actually read it for ourselves? This new and fascinating read, "Jesus in Salome's Lot" by Brett W Gillette, takes the reader through some of the most common and most oft quoted passages. And by carefully sifting through the elements, helps clarify people, places, and dates.

And with some surprising results! Seven Marys? "Forward and Backward Timelines"? This text will begin to explain why this seems to be happening in the Holy Bible. And why.

This interesting and well thought out book may change your mind about some of the interpretations of the Bible that have been spoon-fed to us for years by the established church.

And whether we are aware of it or not, we are stepping from the old age of Pisces into the dawn of the new age of Aquarius, and there will be changes. Some of which are addressed in the closing chapters of this book."

N. M. Reed - The Glass Planet