Jesus in Salome's Lot

Jesus in Salome's Lot: The Dawn of the Pisces Cycle
Authored by Brett W. Gillette
6" x 9"  316 pages

The Unabridged True Story of Jesus

Jesus in Salome's Lot tells the true story of the life of Jesus, fully decoded and in its entirety.
   The biblical text of the New Testament is disjointed and out of place. Many of the settings are either vague or out of place, the events  and Timelines are out of sequence with many of the Timelines being secretly coded, and many of the names of the Biblical individuals also are secretly coded and interchangeable.
   When the text is deciphered in its entirety, the unknown story which has never been told will emerge. The secretly decoded and true story will then both surprise and fascinate the reader.
   When the story is chronicled in its proper settings, Timelines, and the secret codes are deciphered; the story is remarkably different and does not even come close to resembling the stories which we have all heard.
   The author really did crack the code of the true story. The story is written by the biblical writers with the intent to do so; as it very easily reads as such. There will always be a clear answer, as all the parts will always fit as perfectly together as a knitted joined jigsaw puzzle.
   There is a "76 day Timeline" that will begin on the day of the baptism of Jesus and will end on day 76 when Jesus will mysteriously ascend.
   The 76 day calendar is the key to unlocking the actual dates which led to the crucifixion of Christ and then finally the entire Pisces Cycle calendar can be divulged with the use of the 76 day calendar.
   The numbers and the dates will align perfectly when using the 76 day calendar. The key numbers are 46, 8 and 38. The key numbers are interlocked with the dates of the birth and death of certain biblical individuals, the dates of the vernal equinox, autumnal equinox, summer solstice, winter solstice, the Temple of Jerusalem, the birth and death of Christ: the 76 day calendar extends from the birth of Julius Caesar to the crucifixion of the disciple Peter by Roman emperor Nero in 64 AD and then finally to the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem in 70 AD.
   Finally, the reason why the Mayan Great Year did not end on December 21, 2012 is discovered. The real date of the Mayan Great Year will now be revealed.
   The actual dates can't be unlocked without the use of the 76 day calendar. All of the actual dates will be revealed in Jesus in Salome's Lot. The entire unknown story is now revealed in the pages comprised of Jesus in Salome's Lot.

Discover the 15 Things You Didn't Know About the Secret Life of Christ

1. Discover the true story behind the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist and how this marked the transfer of the Aries Cycle to the Pisces Cycle.
2. Discover who John the Baptist really was and his true relationship with Jesus.
3. Discover the secret behind why the prophet Elijah departed into a chariot of UFOs.
4. Discover the secret behind the Christian Archangel Michael's claim to the body of Moses.
5. Discover the past lives of Jesus.
6. Discover the genius of the incredible secret timeline.
7. Discover why Jesus was crucified at the third hour in the Book of Mark but crucified at the sixth hour in the Book of John.
8. Discover how Simon a Cyrenian  carried the cross of Jesus in the Books of Matthew, Mark and Luke but why Jesus carried his own cross in the Book of John.
9. Discover why the Book of John tells us that Jesus rose from the dead 8 days after his crucifixion.
10. Discover the true identities of the disciples of Jesus.
11. Discover the true identity of the Herodias' daughter Salome and her true relationship to Jesus.
12. Discover why there are 2 Passovers in the year of Christ's crucifixion.
13. Discover the secret of why the disciples drew 153 fish in their net at the Sea of Galilee.
14. Discover the untold story of the crucifixion of Christ.
15. Discover why the Mayan Great Year didn't end on December 21, 2012 and discover the actual ending date of the Mayan calendar.
Discover these truths and much more in the captivating pages of Jesus in Salome's Lot.